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2017-2020 IJF Refereeing Rules

2017-2020 IJF Referreeing Rules Explanation by Neil Adams


June 23 & 24, 2017

Deadline for inclusion with the 2017 "PATRIOTIC TRIBUTE & CEREMONY OF THE ASHES" is NOON on Friday, June 23, 2017. Include your tax-deductible donation via the Paypal "DONATION" BUTTON. ALL DONATIONS WILL GO TOWARDS "THE AMERICAN WARRIORS FUND".


JUNE 23, 2017

8:30 PM    Assemble at the Jacksonville Memorial Plaza and                     perform the "DEDICATION OF THE WREATH"                             & "THE CEREMONY OF THE ASHES".

9:02 PM      TAPS

JUNE 24, 2017

10:15 AM    "WREATH LAYING CEREMONY" @ ARLINGTON                             NATIONAL CEMETERY, "THE WALL",                                          SHRINES,  & "IWO JIMA MEMORIAL".



Print out the Luminary and submit it with your tax-deductible donation. 


Eastern North Carolina Alzheimer's Association Meeting on May 10, 2017



2017 Greatest Camp


For Online Registration visit: http://greatestcamp.com/

MOJJJO Judo Team Excels At The Samurai Slam-Prix In Summerville, South Carolina


MOJJJO (United States Military Outreach Judo & Jiu-Jitsu Organization), Incorporated: Mayfield's Martial Arts (MMA) Academy's Team Coach and Captain James E. Krueger, 28 (left) wins Silver Medal in the Open Division and Hospital Man (HM) 3rd Class Adrian "Doc" Pacheco, 22 (center) wins 2-Silver Medals in the 100kg Novice and 100kg Elite Divisions of the inaugural Samurai Slam-Prix Judo Tournament on Saturday, April 8, 2017 in Summerville, South Carolina.  The Head Teacher (Sensei) retired U. S. Marine Corps Sergeants Major E. L. Beshimentob Mayfield (right) proudly joins and congratulates them at the medal podium.  Log onto:  www.mayfieldsmartialartsacademy.com for more information about the OLYMPIC Combat Sport of Judo.


2017 Judo Jones Invitational Results

To Whom It May Concern:

We are pleased to report that the MOJJJO: Incorporated: Mayfield’s Martial Arts (MMA) Academy

”JUDO JONES DAY” Gunnery Sergeant Ernest C. “Judo” Jones Invitational Judo Championships and National USA Judo Referee Examination/Evaluation and Competitors Clinic was attended by 145 Shiai competitors, 6 Kata competitors, and 26 Referees as follows:


1.       15  Women

2.       77  Men

3.       06  Kata (2 Women & 4 Men)

4.       26  Referees        

5.       24  Girls, and

6.       29  Boys

The 25 Referees in attendance were led by Chief Referee, Mr. Roy Englert, Jr., Esq. and Examiners,  Mr. Karl Tamai (a special “Shout Out!” to Mr. Tamai (Karl) for his Technical Advice and Assistance), and Mr. Bobby Donaldson, Senior Chief, US Navy, Retired.  “Continuing/Remedial Education (C/RE) was provided by Dr. Gary Berliner, MD, America’s most experienced IBSA (International Blind Sports Association) Referee.   Also, Mr. Mike Takata, University of Tennessee, assisted in preparing and supporting Referee Candidates while Mr. Dana Rucker served as the Referee Liaison. 

We extend our sincerest gratitude and congratulations to all of the Referees, Coaches, Technical Officials, Volunteers, Parents, and Marines from Camp Lejeune for your support and of judo and for your exemplary conduct.  We also ask each of you to pray for or remember the souls of our departed judoka such as Mr. Ken Tamai, Sensei; Ms. Rusty Kanekogi, Sensei; Ms. Keiko Fukuda, Sense; Sergeant, U. S. Army, Jimmy Takemori, Sensei; Mr. Mel Applebaum, Sensei; Mr. John Anderson, Sensei, and all who are presently serving, ailing, or in need of assistance.

                To assist us in our outreach missions, please make your generous and heartfelt tax-deductible donation to the “MOJJJO: AMERICAN WARRIORS FUND”, please log onto our www.mojjjovets.org website and use the “DONATE to MOJJJO” button. 


Sincerely yours,



Mrs. D. M. Maisha Mayfield

MOJJJO, Incorporated

Tournament Director



Results Girls

Results Women

Results Boys
Results Men